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Gigaset Phones are a line of cordless phones produced by the German company Gigaset Communications GmbH, known for their high-quality audio and sleek design.

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Gigaset C430A shows "Please check phone connection"

During a thunderstorm, the power supply to my C430A base unit was zapped (so, incidentally, was my router and phone master socket- both now replaced by BT and working). I have obtained a second-hand power supply for the C430A, and everything works (saved numbers, paging handsets, handset identities, handsets connect to base station) EXCEPT that the base does not see the phone line. Other phones work ok in the same socket. I've tried to have a look inside (removed the 4 star screws) but can't open it up. Any suggestions please?

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Hi @mosfella,

Please elaborate on "....the base does not see the phone line". What do you mean by this?

Can you call out and receive calls OK on the handsets?

Is the display on the base station working?

Try resetting the base station and see if this resolves the problem;

To reset the base station:

- Unplug the power supply unit.

- Press and hold the paging key on the base station.

- Plug the power supply unit back in.

- Press and hold the paging key on the base station for another 5 seconds, then release it.

If it now works you will have to re-register thew handsets with the base station again

If there is an info label on the underside of the base station, gently peel it off and check if there is a hidden recessed "5th screw" there that may be holding the case together.

if not it may be that there are clips holding along a seam line (if it has one) and it has to be pried open, but usually if there are screws there won't be.

If you do get it open post some images of the board, especially near where the power connects to it as most likely if the adapter was fried then most likely the power section of the board wouldn't be too good either.

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