CD Drive not working

Hi all! I have the Wave IV (417788-WMS) but the CD drive has some issues. First it would try reading the disc for about 10s until it said unable to read. I realized that it wasn’t always spinning the disc. I opened it up and cleaned it a bunch, including the lens and rollers. For 1 minute, it actually worked and then suddenly stopped. I made the worst mistake of trying to open it up again and this time the floating upper disc (that magnetically holds the disc to the motorized spinner) came loose from jts holding mechanism. While trying to get it back in, I’ve bent the metal holding prongs and now I cant get the floating disc to stay up when no disc is inserted. Even when the metal disc clamps the CD down now, I hear the motor trying to spin, but the disc wont move

Im very stubborn — I have no desire to pay $104 for Bose to fix it. If I can’t fix it myself then I plan to part with it. Anyone have any suggestions for me or guidance on how this could be fixed?

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Does the CD drive have a brand or model number on it?


I know the actual CD drive has a label that says Bose with a potential model number. I could open it up again if that helps. I appreciate any info you can provide for this! I’ve fixed some items before but this was has me a bit stumped. I have a feeling the whole drive would need to be replaced


@vettechrach Yes, if you could open it up and upload pictures of any labels on the drive, in addition to posting a picture of the connector used to connect the drive to the main board. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


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