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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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Won’t make ice automatically but will if you his test button

My Samsung fridge stopped making ice on its own. Checked for filter issues, water line kinks. If you hit test button it dumps ice into bucket and refills and tone sounds that it’s working. Water dispenses normally

Update (10/18/2022)


Samsung Side by Side 2020

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Without knowing the model, we can only guess since Samsung makes quite a few different kinds of refrigerators, but my first thought is that many icemakers have a lever that shuts off the icemaker when the bin fills. I'm thinking there may be an issue of some kind with that lever; I know my son's icemaker shows if you push the lever all the way to the horizontal position, it basically shuts off the icemaker.


Any answers on this? Same.. powered down fridge,, Test button produces ice... No ice any other time.. filter is clean...


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Hi Tracie,

Okay, thanks for the model information; that helps.

The obvious place to start is with Samsung's recommended troubleshooting steps. You've already done some of them, obviously, but please check through their list and let us know if any of their suggestions helps. If not, come back and let us know and we'll figure out what your next step should be.

Ice maker is not working

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All trouble shooting tips completed. Even reset fridge. Again, still making ice when test is completed but won’t just go through the process automatically.


Did you find out why? Mine doing same thing.


Same here... can only get the ice cubes/bits by pressing test button


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After trying all the troubleshooting, I finally brought in a service person and they said the sensors sometimes break, so it wasn't sensing that there was space for more ice but would make it when I manually forced it. They ended up replacing it so I'm not sure if there is a non-replacement fix, unfortunately.

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