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The HP 1012 G1 was a tablet-laptop hybrid released in May 2016.

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HP elite x2 not charging. How do I replace the charging port?

Hi there. I bought an elite x2 1012 g1 second hand on ebay at the end of 2020. About two weeks ago I accidentally jostled it while it was charging and it suddenly stopped charging. Not only was it not charging but it didn't even recognize the charger plugged into the port. I tried using two different chargers, one brand new, to charge it but neither of them were recognized by the device. I didn't think it was either charger because I briefly plugged them into my Nintendo Switch and they did charge the Switch. I did a battery reset but it still didn't recognize the charger. I followed the steps listed here but I couldn't detect any movement when the charger was plugged in. I popped open the laptop and did see the battery was a little swolen so I assumed it was that. I replaced the battery but it still didn't recognize either charger. Is it safe to assume that the charging port needs to be replaced? Both chargers still work with other devices. Also, if the charging port does need to be replaced, what's the best way for someone with little computer repair experience to replace it? I can't really afford to take it to a repair service.

I did find a support page on the HP website with a suggested solution. One of the steps was to update the BIOS but when I tried to install the version suggested, my computer warned me it was out of date so I didn't do it. One of the other links was broken and I did install the third driver listed on the page but it made no difference. I'm at my wit's end so if anyone has any solutions I'd appreciate it. (For reference, the support page is this one:  https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c0... )

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@erosethenoob "while it was charging and it suddenly stopped charging" does not like a BIOS issue to me. Sounds like some damage to the USB-C port. Here is the bad news. It is soldered directly to the motherboard. So you will have to remove that HP Elite x2 G1 1012 Motherboard Replacement Guide and desolder the old port. Of course check for torn/loose contacts or any other visible damage. If not, then I would think it is time to replace it with something like this I am sure you can get it from other places as well. Not an easy job but it can be done. BTW USB C are a PITA to solder and some experience for this type of repair.

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I see :( Is it easier and more cost effective to completely replace the motherboard instead of trying to solder on a new charging port?


@erosthenoob I think it comes down to how comfortable you feel with the repair. You can find them on ebay for 50 to 75 used. If you do not have a solder iron and factor in your own labor and time then a motherboard replacement may be the best option.. hope this helps :)


Thanks for all the help everyone. I'll do some thinking and some budgeting and see how I feel. (I'm an artist by trade and I only know a little about the inner workings of computers.)


@erosthenoob totally understand the situation. I am with @vect121 on this. If you can't then a replacement may just be the way to go. You do know that old motherboards make great art objects. Use it don't just toss it in the bin. Do something with it. Sell it as is on ebau or whatever. It is important to us to eliminate e-waste

Remember that



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