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Das 2020 Mainstream-Smartphone von Apple kam am 23. Oktober heraus und verfügt über ein 6,1" OLED Display und ein 12 MP Zwei-Kamera-System und ist in fünf verschiedenen Farben erhältlich. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone 11.

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URGENT, DEAD SCREEN/BROKEN SCREEN, how can I test if it still charges

for iphone 12 (normal)

the screen is broken

the screen does not power on

the charging port was ever so slightly loose when i opened the phone

i tightened it and now its sturdy

Everythibg else seems ok


I didnt get any response (vibration) when touching or power button (screen was not attached)

No response from charging, wirless or normal port charging


Is this because theres no screen and thus will change when i replace screen?

Or could it be a problem with another part?

Help me how you can, thx ifixit family

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Also can i just test it with another iphone screen? Or zill it less sonthing up?


get a usb amp meter and it will tell you if its taking power


Not helpfull, i dont care if ut take power, i care that it not vibrating when buttons are pressed l, i need ti kniw if this is becuase if lack of screen ir naw


Nate Dog, you asked how you can test if it still charges then when Daniel suggests an amp meter you say you don't care if it takes power. You need to decide if you want help or not as when it's given you reject it. Just plug it into a computer and see if iTunes recognises it.


Bro, im asking if i need the have the screen in to see if the buttons vibrate/fucntion


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It depends on the the settings for the phone. Haptic feedback may be off. But you do not need to have the display functional, or even connected for the phone to boot, or charge. You could definitely test with another iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Display. Try toggling the ringer switch to see if that prompts any vibration.

Plug into iTunes to see if it is detected. It may also make noises or vibrate when connected to a charger. But honestly, there’s no sure fire way to know if it’s powered on or charging without some some of multimeter or a DC power supply. You can hazard a good guess, but if the phone is set to not vibrate or make noises, then my usual methods may not be helpful.

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