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AC-Netzadapter für MacBook, MacBookPro und MacBook Air. Ausgestattet mit einem magnetischen Stecker, der sich von selbst trennt, wenn daran gezogen wird. Die MagSafe Netzteile der ersten Generation (2006-2012) haben einen etwas dickeren L-förmigen Stecker. Erhältlich in 45 W, 60 W und 85 W.

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Why is my MagSafe power adapter overheating?

I got a used MagSafe charger to go along with my Mac I also ordered but I have not gotten the Mac yet (went to the wrong side of the country… grrrr) so I plugged it in the wall for no reason and about 30 minutes later it was pretty warm to the touch. I have not gotten anything to plug it into yet so I am not sure if it works. Is this normal or should I send it back? Edit: from videos I have watched, most don’t look like that.

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@thequacker Is it getting excessively hot (way, way above body temp+)? Like into the 70s or 80s (centigrade)? They do tend to get a bit warm, at least my charger for my old second hand 2011MBP, and even my MagSafe for my 2021MBP 16” get’s good and warm.

If it reaches a “degree” that makes it almost unbearable to touch, it’s a problem. If it stays at a “hand-warmer” temp, that’s pretty normal on my MacBooks.


@geirandersen While it is above body temperature it isn’t extremely hot. If I had to guess I would say it is around 40C. Mind you, this is without A Mac plugged in.


@thequacker yeah, it’s the “without a Mac” that troubles me a bit.. When will you be receiving the Mac you ordered? Within a day or two? Isfahan so, I’d personally unplug the charger for now, then test it on the Mac when it arrives. If it still only reaches the same temp when in use, I wouldn’t worry about it. Any warmer though, and I’d either return it (if it’s returnable) or I’d pop it open to inspect the components.


@thequacker & @geirandersen - Likely a knockoff charger. Here’s a good vid on the telling them apart How to Spot A Fake Macbook Magsafe Charger


@geirandersen I should receive the Mac by Monday.


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@thequacker - Knockoff most likely! Apple didn’t alter the design and even the MagSafe 2 is basically the same design.

Many years ago I was supporting a large international engineering firm. One of the engineers forgot his charger so he went shopping from the hotel to the local computer shop near where he was staying and bought one, went back to the hotel plugged in his system and went to dinner, when he came back there was a bunch of fire men and equipment blocking the lobby. When he finally got to the desk they told him his room was badly burnt and his belongings where being held. They gave him a room for the night but told him due to the fire he will need to find other accommodation as they where fully booked with the loss of the floor. The investigation proved the charger was at fault. And the hotel sued for 3 million, after a lengthy court battle it cost the company better than 4 mill and we needed to check every charger almost a fifth where knockoffs as people often just grabbed one when at the meetings getting some else’s in the process.

We embossed the company logo on the good chargers and we disposed of the knockoffs and if some came in with one they would need to pay for the replacement.

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