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Is there a good tool to strip wireless antenna coax? mostly for MHF4

I am interested in trying to re-wire an antenna that has a broken wire (and MHF4 connector). Can someone recommend any stripping tools for this fine work? I realize that the wires are extremely small, is there a tool or tools to do it manually? I know there are machines that can do it, but they're not in the budget. I intend on stripping and soldering the cable to a new antenna. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Hi @vinny_m

You need a wire stripping tool (example only - model # Narva 56511), designed to strip coax cables from 1.13mm (the size used with MHF4 connectors) up to 6mm.

Search online for a similar stripping tool which has the same wire size specifications, to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Thank you @jayeff I have seen similar tools but was not sure if it would work with this delicate a wire. Will it strip each layer? (Outer sheath, then ground braid, then insulator)? I am not new to larger wire strippers, just wondering if this sort of tool will do a credible job. Thanks again for your input!



You're probably right.

maybe it's easier to get one that's already assembled depending on what connector type is at the other end


@jayeff, That's the problem. Custom lengths are not cheap, and I can handle soldering and stripping if I have the correct tool for it. And I am not great at it, but I have crimped MHF4 connectors before. Stripping the wire is the challenge. Really, for the current need, I need a shorter cable, so i need to desolder and cut the wire on an existing wired MHF4-terminated antenna. So my wire stripping is really all I need to get right.



I've never dealt with such a thin cable.

Usually I use the stripper to just remove the outer sheath and then I unpick the braid using a needle and then twist it into a wire and lay it back over the outer sheath.

I've had a pair of cable strippers (example only) for years and I run the inner conductor through them hoping that I've set them correctly and also not closing them too tightly.

I practice on scrap lengths first to get the feel. Sometimes it is frustrating when breaking the inner when trying to remove the insulation from it but i usually get there in the end.


Thanks for the input. I suppose I will have to get a meter or so of sacrificial wire. :)

The alternatinve is buying a fancy automatic one. Overkill for the small use case. Thanks again.


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