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Eine dritte Version des Controllers wurde im November 2020 zusammen mit der Xbox Series X und Series S veröffentlicht.

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Problem with LT and RT always pressed

The left and right trigger always keep pressed, this problem began when i replace(

solder and desolder) both stick, first right stick and the controller works normally but when i replace the left stick the problem began.

This video show better the problem(this is the official xbox app): https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhpypwlrW5KohIBgdkgz... as you see the lt and rt button keeps pressed but the others works normally and this is another video with other app(the problem is more visible with this): https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhpypwlrW5KohIBhcMTA...

Thanks in advance.

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Check U9 controller on a board. On output should be 1.4V. I have a solution but it's not very nice. Connect output trace with 3.3V. It worked for me but I don't guarantee that it will work for a long time. You could also replace this IC. Problem is that it's a very small piece and it is easy to burn using hotait. Sometimes this IC doesn't have any specifications on it (especially in 1708 and older) so proper resoldering it can be quite tough

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