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Apples Flaggschiff der Spitzenklasse für 2022. Das am 16. September veröffentlichte iPhone 14 Pro Max ist mit einem 6,7 Zoll ProMotion-OLED-Display, dem neuen Bionic-A16-Chip, einem dreifachen Rückkamerasystem und 5G-Konnektivität ausgestattet. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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changing the iPhone storage

can i put a 1 TB chip in the phone myself or do i have to take it to a phone shop or can it just not be done

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no you can't do it youself as you need proper tools and experience to remove the old chip, then you need a nand programmer to write the data from the old chip to the new chip and then resolder it to the logic board

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You can completely replace the 1TB hard drive for your iPhone yourself, but you need to have enough technical expertise to do this. Besides, you need to prepare 1 main iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB to be able to get the hard drive, I'm not sure it can be easily bought and the price may not be cheap.

I think you should sell your iPhone and buy a new iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1TB capacity, this ensures the durability of the device and avoids the risks in the process of replacing the hard drive.

You can refer to more technical information at appleno1.vn

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