Groaning sound irradiate transience so immediately deirradiate stops

Oven JNM7196SK3SS, hv diode WB27X1160, magnetron WB27X11079 also WB27T10545, hv tranny leads lifted line winds .3 ohm between outboard blues & double that .6 ohm blue across centertap black earthed, secondary winds .3 ohm across reds & .6 ohm red across white centertap, so does this point to the hv tranny being the culprit causing abnormal groaning noise ONLY when irradiate is commanded from human interface console, the console correctly commands (low voltage circuitry logic controller), new magnetron flukes exactly like factory's with unsightly gold mesh wave seal blackened (carbonized) in close proximity to nozzle, shall i energize line utility placing oven on its bottom that's not meant to withstand its 60 weight? Or use props four corners to elevate base's delicacies on its base paneling? New hv diode new magnetron installed but tranny hv could screw brand new parts? The sudden death question is hv tranny cooked itself or not based upon fluked measurements of tranny's winds including centertap

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