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Repair and disassembly information for Framework's modular and upgradable laptop, now featuring 12th gen Intel CPUs, a 13.5" display, and swappable ports. Originally released July 2021.

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Looking for Lithium Ion Battery Removal/Replacement Safety Tips

I'm doing a research project involving the right to repair and have to give some safety tips/procedures to the people repairing a device and specifically Battery replacement. not for a device specifically more just being safe with Lithium Ion.
This is what I have so far:

Do NOT under any circumstance stab or puncture a Battery

Make sure the device is shut down when attempting to remove the battery

Unplug the battery and check for any other cables attached to the battery.

Avoid applying too much pressure

I don't really think I'm missing anything. Sorry if this is a misuse of the forum I just can't quite think of any other R2R forums.

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I have just removed a lap top lithium battery wrapped it n plastic and know where to take it but unable to for a while so can I store it outside ??


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Outside of dead batteries, by far the most common issue I've run into replacing li-ion batteries is swelling. Besides causing physical problems inside of devices (dislocated screens, trackpad malfunctions, etc.), they are a hazard to deal with and require special handling.

This is a must read for lithium batteries:

What to do with a swollen battery - iFixit

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Hi @notinireland ,

A lot of batteries in mobiles phones are stuck down onto the case and some might be tempted to heat it up to loosen the adhesive so that the battery can be removed.

Heating batteries is not a good idea.

One way to remove them is to apply some Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ using a syringe, along the edge of the battery to loosen it and then gently pry it up a little bit and apply some more underneath etc until you can remove it.

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