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How to change the battery in an Ember Mug

Ember’s (ember.com) original 10oz. mug is awesome! When I first got it it kept my drink hot for so long.

Now, a few years later, the battery dies after just 10–20 minutes. Unfortunately, the company does not offer a battery replacement service for the built-in rechargeable battery.

Has anyone successfully replaced the battery in an Ember mug? How did you do it? Where did you get a replacement from?

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I am unable to find a B0664-LF replacement battery


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The ember coffee mug (not travel mug) has a EVE B0664-LF 7.2 volt Li-ion Battry. To replace the battery you simply* twist the mug base 15 degrees clockwise looking at the bottom and pull it away from the cup body. There is a ribbon cable that connects the base to the body that you need to remove. Once fully seperated from the body four screws secure a battery shield and once removed the circuit and battery can be removed.

  • My use of the word simply really does not apply here. You will need to make a special fitted tool perhaps that will create enough friction on the base to turn it past the clips that secure it to the body. In addition you will need to pull the base away from the body in some way being careful not to damage the ribbon cable that connects the base to the cup body.

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Hi @rulily

Here's a video that shows how to access the battery so that it can be replaced. There doesn't seem to be a "Part 2" video that shows the actual replacement/reassembly but it seems straightforward enough once you have the replacement batteries.

Here's a supplier of the batteries. There may be others I didn't look too hard but some of the others I did find are battery manufacturers who have minimum order requirements of more than just 4. Just search for 604134 LiPO battery, as you may find some that I missed.

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Just as a note here, the mug that jayeff is referring to is the Travel Mug, which is a different critter than the coffee/Ember mug the OP was talking about.


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I ran across a post on Reddit that seems to contradict @propellerh71814's information.

Looking to replace the battery. I took apart my Ember mug. : r/Embermug

Their photo shows a completely different battery from the one previously described.

Block Image

That picture shows another Eve battery, but this one is part number P0686-LF and is marked as a 15.2V battery.

Unfortunately, I had just as much luck locating one of those batteries as I did finding a B0664-LF battery; i.e., none whatsoever.

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