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Der Mac Pro (Anfang 2009) kam im März 2009 auf den Markt. Er führte erstmals die Nehalem Architektur von Intel in die professionelle Apple Desktop Reihe ein, und verfügt über ein leicht neu konzipiertes Inneres, das auch bei den 2010 und 2012 CPU Updates beibehalten wurde.

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Trying to install El Capitan to an old 2008 Mac Pro

I’m trying to install El Capitan to an old 2008 Mac Pro. I have tried a known good HDD, rolled back the date and time but it wont unmount, says it can’t write to the last block of the device, do you know what could be causing the issue?

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What is the make and model of the HDD? Often times this type of error happens when the drive is to fast for the given systems SATA port. As an example you put in a fixed speed SATA III (6.0Gbps) drive into a SATA II (3.0Gbps) I/O port in your system.

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seagate st500lm021


@tech_ni - If you are using the main logic board SATA port this drive is to fast for this system. You need a SATA II drive.


@danj there was a seagate st9160314asg in it when i bought it, i have formatted it and it shows good on crystal disk but has the same issue, is it to fast aswell ?


@tech_ni - go into About This Mac and click on the System Report button. Now slide down to SATA/SATA Express section. Locate the interface the drive is connected to and click on the Chipset so you can see Link Speed and the Negotiated Link Speed what are they? Check your current drive and the newer drive.

Seagate often revs the drive altering its SATA port! This series started off as a SATA II, then was updated to a SATA III auto sense drive gaining the ability to match the systems port, then altered again to a fixed SATA III as the extra circuitry is not needed for the majority of systems today.

Seagate st9160314asg - SATA II (fixed speed)

Seagate st500lm021 - SATA III (fixed speed)


@danj turns out the cert was recent so i had to change it to the latest date and its installing but having issues with some hard drives saying not enough space


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