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A portable, rechargeable jumpstarter that can provide instant jumpstarts for cars and trucks.

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How to repair broken jumper pack

I have a basic car jumper pack. The solder connection of one of the rectifiers broke.

I can resolder but don't know where it's meant to connect to.

The soldering looks wrong to me. It doesn't make sense to have components hanging off the side of the board.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (01/03/2023)

I found it how it should be

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @fixifynz,

What is the model number of the jump starter?

What connects to the 'non cable' side of the rectifiers?

Looks like they're just all connected in parallel to increase the current handling capability.

Here's the datasheet for the rectifier that shows how they might be connected i.e. the base common cathode side and the anode side.

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