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Battery powered, word-processing keyboard manufactured by NEO Direct, Inc.

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What are these error messages on my Alphasmart Neo?

I keep getting error messages such as "bad data pointer"


Bus Error Accessing: 0x800000

Next Instruction At: 0x5E578A

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This solution was easy to do and worked right away. I am so very grateful for your help. Many thanks!!


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Hi Marian,

I'm not familiar with your device here, but that really looks like some kind of software problem. I'd suggest resetting your keyboard back to the factory defaults and hopefully that will clear up the issue. renaissance.com has a page showing how to do that.

Resetting a NEO to factory defaults.

Here's the gist of it.

To reset the NEO to factory defaults:

1)   Start with the device turned off.

Note:  The NEO cannot be reset when it's plugged in via AC adapter.

2)   Press and hold the <right-shift> and <backspace> keys.

3)   While holding the <right-shift> and <backspace> keys, turn the unit on by pressing the <on/off> key.

4)   When the dialog "Are you sure you want to reset the AlphaSmart to factory defaults?" appears on the screen, press Y (for yes).

5)   Enter the reset password: tommy

Note: Sometimes multiple keystrokes can be registered while typing the reset password.  Make sure only one asterisk appears per letter typed.

6)   Press <Enter>.

Note: If you performed the factory defaults reset correctly, you should see Initializing AlphaSmart System.  If it was not done correctly, it will take you right back to the last file you were in and you will need to try it again.

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