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Das Google Pixel 2 ist Googles zweites Flagschiff -Smartphone, es erschien am 17. Oktober 2017. Das Smartphone ist mit einem 5" AMOLED Display ausgestattet und kann mit 64 oder 128 GB Speicher bestellt werden. Erhältlich ist es in drei Farben: Schwarz (Just Black), Weiß (Clearly White) und Blau (Kinda Blue).

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Review of failed replacement of a battery

Hi guys,

I tried battery replacement for my Google Pixel 2 and failed it.

I accept my failure this time and will get a new phone, but wanna win next time.

I would appreciate it if you could help review the failure.

Replacement process:

I got a battery replacement kit for Pixel 2 from iFixit and followed the instructions (Google Pixel 2 Akku austauschen).

After placing everything back, the phone did not turn on.


The display does not show anything.

The new battery is supplying power to the device because it vibrates momentarily when I touch the fingerprint sensor.

When I connect the device to the charging cable, it makes a long vibration (an indication of battery charging starting).

A long push of the power button does not make a long vibration (an indication of the device turning on).


When the display panel is opened, the opening pick got into between the cover glass and the thin display film, causing a part of the display to detach from the glass.

When the midframe was removed, I did not notice the metallic tape attached to the top left of the frame (picture attached) must have been peeled. I found it after I tore the tape off.


Is it possible to identify what the fatal mistake was causing the issue?

What is the function of the metallic tape I tore?

Any chance to revive the device?


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There is no picture. Also you answered your own question. You simply opened the screen incorrectly by inserting your opening tool in the wrong place.

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