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The Dell Inspiron M531R-5535 is a 15.6" laptop from Dell's Inspiron series.

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Why my screen is showing checking media fail

When I power on my laptop my screen is showing checking media fail.. Why?

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hard drive has possibly failed

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What should i do to fix it. Or should I buy a new laptop or tablet because its old laptop.. Can you help me sir.


you could buy a new drive but the laptop being that old it will only last so long before you have to replace it.


@kavin 1903 @tech_ni but a new drive for this model should be relatively easy to obtain and you may get a couple more years out of it. Keeps it out of the landfill and keeps money in your pocket :-)

Dell Inspiron M531R-5535 Hard Drive Replacement


@oldturkey03 true but depends on what windows it will support limiting what can be done with it


@tech_ni you are right my friend. I always forget the technical requirements Windows demands for their updates. Thanks for reminding me on this.


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