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A microcontroller (also called an MCU for microcontroller unit) is a small computer placed on a single metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) integrated circuit (IC) chip.

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In need of a CM6400 any better places to find one?


I have been working on a blue yeti mic and have came to the conclusion that the CM6400 audio IC is the issue


I have found many on AliExpress and I’m wondering if anyone can find any from anywhere else as AliExpress is saying it’s going to deliver mid march which is a bit long to wait

Any help is greatly appreciated


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@hellomacos give this guys a holler https://www.4starelectronics.com/part_de... Lets see if they are quicker.



Thanks for letting me know about them

Iv just sent a request

Let’s see what they come back with:-)



@hellomacos just curious what issue do you have with the CM6400 ? I am also working on a Blue Yeti and already tried a whole bunch of firmware versions. I'm afraid I'm close to reaching the same conclusion as you..


@io nut

My issue is that the recording is very very faint and there LOADS of static or buzz in the recording,I came to the conclusion that the chip was at fault as I couldn’t find any shorts in the board and the noise still appears when the capsules/mics are disconnected

The CM6400 chip also gets noticeably warmer on the board I’m working on

The CM6400 seems to controll a lot of that sort of stuff from what is says on its data sheet:-)



Hmm, well at least yours shows some signs if life..What hardware rev is printed on the boards? (one says yeti analog and the other says yeti digital, but the numbers should match). Also, do you know what firmware rev you have on it ?


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Hi @hellomacos

Maybe try contacting the manufacturer and ask if they have distributors in your location.

Never hurts to ask ;-)

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Thats a great idea!

il see if I can contact them

@oldturkey03 gave me someone to ask, if they don't come back with anything il ask the manufacturer



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have you searched digikey or mouser

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I had a good look and can’t seem to find any that are the one I need

Only ones that share the same name but I’ve different purposes ;-{

I think it will have to be Aliexpress ,I’m going to keep looking about for a little more

Thanks for answering though:-)


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