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Repair guides and troubleshooting for a variety of generators.

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Could you start a new repair guide for a KIPOR (made in china) inverte

Could you start a new repair guide for a KIPOR (made in china) inverter generator model IG6000

fails to start....no spark at the spark plug

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karl, May I suggest that you ask this as a question on #Answers?

Just explain that you have such and such model inverter generator, and what symptoms you have. Include what you have tried and what the results were. How to ask a good question on iFixit.

There is no real way of writing a guide on a product, unless you have the product in hand and can take detailed pictures, etc.

As for your problem of no spark, it could be one of any number of reasons:

  1. Faulty coil (ignition module)
  2. Faulty oil sensor switch (if it has one)
  3. Low oil (if it has an oil sensor switch)
  4. Bad ground / wiring

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karl, you are the one with the equipment. iFixit would have to try and get one and then spend more time and money in taking it apart and trying to figure it out. Why not do as @geirandersen is suggesting and lets see if the community can not figure it out. iFixit really can't do teardowns on every device out there. I am sure they would like to, but that is why they have this great community.

Since you have no spark you do want to go ahead and check the ignition coil etc. Here is the Kipor Ig6000 service manual that will help with the troubleshooting. @geirandersen is the small engine guru on here and can most likely guide you from here on.

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