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The Honda EU2200IT A2 is a portable inverter generator that delivers 2200 Watts of power. Serial number EAMT 1000001 - 9999999.

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Generator once it starts runs on high speed even with new carburetor

Generator once it starts runs on high speed even after putting on a new oem carburetor. what else could be the problem?

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@safao, Well, there are a couple of things that can cause this;

Does your generator have a throttle control (a throttle lever) or not? If it does, is it broken or misaligned? Misaligned or broken throttle linkages are a main cause for this.

Second, is to check the governor linkage. It’s a linkage that connects the governor (governor is inside your engine block, with a shaft through the block to an arm outside) to the carburettor. It has a linkage and a tiny wire spring. If either of those are missing, broken or misaligned, it presents itself with the symptoms you’re describing.

Running a small engine without the governor correctly hooked up can destroy the engine very quickly!! It makes the engine rev way too high, and most small engines do NOT like revving above 32-3600 RPMs.

Can you confirm that your generator is a Honda EU2200IT A2? We could try to find a service manual for you :)

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