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Dokumentation und Anleitungen für die Reparatur des am 22. September 2017 veröffentlichten iPhone 8. Modellnummern A1863, A1905.

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Sea water immersion at 15 feet

I dropped my phone into the boat docking area and retrieved it two days later. After opening the case and removing the battery, I rinsed it with fresh water; after drying it out, I did a quick rinse in 90% alcohol, dried it out, and let it sit for two days, then cleaned all connectors removed for battery replacement put back together with new iFixit batt. and did the. forced reboot, but no logo appeared; there were no other signs of life. I put the phone on charge for a day but no change. Since salt water is much better for conducting than fresh, I assume some component(s) may have shorted. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any diagnostic info for this issue; I don't like the idea of just replacing parts without some indication they are at fault. Any thoughts from the iFixit brain trust?

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This depends on what you would like to get out of it. And how damaged the inside of the phone looked when you first opened it.

Salt water definitely complicates things. But it sounds like you made all the right calls.

If you want data off the phone, my first step would be to get it into a known good housing. Any of the components that went in water could be bad. If it’s still not working in a known good housing (including screen), then I would wager it’s something on the board. We could diagnose that as well, but it’s best to know it’s not a bad part first.

If what you want is s working phone, I am skeptical that it would be any sort of reliable after that long in water. It could very well end up being more expensive trying to replace everything than just getting a new phone. But I would start with a new lightning dock assembly if nothing else.

iPhone 8 Lightning Connector Assembly Bild


iPhone 8 Lightning Connector Assembly


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The rub is that LD can affect every component of the phone, making it hard to TS these without lots of pain and time. iPhone Wasserschaden reparieren

See if you can get an ultrasonic cleaner (or at least borrow one), and try cleaning the logic board that way (though note you want to remove all of the nonsoldered shields). If it still doesn't start then check the other parts over for damage; if you see no obvious damage, the phone may be toast if you can't clean the connectors without a new logic board (and a paired TouchID button), which will also disable True Tone. If you want to preserve TrueTone, you need to do a board repair.

For older models like the 8 and X series (X/R/S), it's usually the end of the line when LD kills these. Time to move to a newer phone like an 11 or 12, if you can afford it otherwise 4G models are cheap now because we don't want them when we can buy a 12 or 13 for cheap compared to new.

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you took all the right actions, but salt water is a really tough nut, followed closely by pool water.

only thing i would have done differently is to do a full day soak in 99% IPA, with a couple of very gentle scrub sessions with a very soft toothbrush, then swapping the IPA with fresh and a couple more very gentle scrubs. finally a rinse with new IPA and letting it air dry for at least a couple of day.

because there are other parts involved. because you can't see anything on the screen could mean that the display is kaput.

if you happen to have a usb volt/amp meter you can see if the charging circuitry and battery are drawing power.

ideally though, i'd put the motherboard into a different, known, good, working phone (of the same model) and see what happens. that's not an easy option if you don't have extra phones lying around. but if you do have life, you can at least do a backup, then if you really want to recover your phone, you can work backwards from there to troubleshoot which items in your phone are dead and need replacing, and which ones are still good.

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Thanks for yours and those who gave previous answers. As much as I'd like to tackle this project, it fails the cost/benefit test. After spending a few hours plus $30 for the battery on this project, it's time to cut losses. I can purchase iPhone 8 for $105 or a SE 2nd gen for $125 from Gazelle, so I'll save my 8 to take entirely apart on a dull day to check for additional corrosion, as previously mentioned.


@isail You can probably score a 12 or 13 now, albeit for much more. They've begun tanking in price to the point they're getting reasonable. Just got a 256GB 13 Pro for $650. Most of the providers offer 5G now at no cost on most plans. The plans which will never get free 5G access tend to be junky Paygo class anyway.


I'll use an iPhone 7 that works perfectly except for the battery, which I'll replace; this Summer, I'll buy a SE; it's a good value and has all I need.



hi jack.

i'm not sure what the rules are on this forum about sharing contact info, but if you're able to contact me outside of here i think i might have a couple of solution options to test out your mobo (and potentially backup the data) but i don't want to exchange details in a public forum, and as far as i can tell there is no private messaging system (like reddit has).



jack, if you like, reach out to me at /u/iPhoneBeeker on reddit


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