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The second generation of the Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-Wheel Drive, commonly known as the RAV4.

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لماذا اسمع صوت في الجير Why do I hear a sound in lime?

هزة في الجير عند السواقة والسيارة كان فيها سحبة ولا يوجد فية عزم


A tremor in the gear when driving, and the car had a tug and there was no torque

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section5 Entesar some meanings seem to get lost in translation. Explain to us a little more about where and what you hear. What happened to your Toyota?


section5 يبدو أن بعض المعاني تضيع في الترجمة. اشرح لنا المزيد حول مكان وماذا تسمع. ماذا حدث لسيارتك التويوتا؟


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This sounds like a problem my wife had with her 2002 RAV 4. The transmission was jerky and sometimes it just wouldn't go. This was very unsettling when pulling out from a side street onto a main road. Thinking it was a transmission problem, I took it back to the dealer to have the transmission serviced. They replaced the fluid and filter but could find nothing wrong with the transmission. The transmission worked better for about two weeks, then started doing the same thing again.

After some research on the internet, I found that many RAV4's of 2001-2005 vintage had problems with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). I found that I could buy a replacement at great expense (over $1000 US) or, I could have the unit repaired for various prices ranging from $450 down to $75 US. I figured for $75, it was worth a shot. Removal of the ECU is quite simple. It's located behind the glovebox. I shipped it off as instructed by the website I had selected and it took about a week for it to come back. I reinstalled it and followed the instructions for driving the car so that the ECU could relearn. There was never a problem with the transmission after that. That was about 10 years ago and, although my wife has a different car now, that RAV4 is still going strong!

Try doing an internet search for <RAV4 ECU repair>. There will be a lot of hits! Hope this helps!

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