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Refresh of the original BlackBerry Bold. Known in some circles as the BlackBerry Bold 2.

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How can I replace the sim card slot in BB Bold 9790

Although the SIM card is inserted, it isn´t recognised "Insert Sim card". I´ve already bought a new slim card slot, but don´t know how to replace it.

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It would require a hot air station and some soldering skill. Contact a few repair shops and ask if they can do it.

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Unfortunately there is no repair shop in Vienna so I wanted to do it myself


@asita have you tried to get a online repair shop to do it?


What do you mean by " online repair shop". I googled repair shops in Austria, then called them and all of them denied to fix my problem, even when I reassured them, that I would provide the with the new sim card slot (because first they said, that this is not available, so I bought it by my self).


I suggest a Maker Space. These are places with the equipment you need to replace it. But you have to pay to join (because the equipment is expensive). Maybe someone there would do it for you.?

I googled "maker space vienna" and found this:



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