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Repair guides and support for videocassette recorders including Betamax and VHS (Video Home System) players.

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Need help removing bottom panel from Orion VHS player

Hi, I'm attempting to remove the bottom from an Orion VHS player, manufactured in 1998. The player eats tapes, so I would like to see if I can replace belts and the idler, if in fact i can find replacement parts for this unit. I've included a picture of the bottom panel with the important sections letter labeled.

I've removed the screws from the top that go through the motherboard into the back panel, labeled G and H. The problem is, when I depress the two tabs, C and D, the go down a bit, but don't release the back. They are still depressed in after using a small flat head screwdriver. But the panel won't budge as I try to push it downward.

I've also lifted tabs A and B to get them above the round projections. What am I doing wrong. Update: having another look at the unit, it appears the front face panel needs to be removed first before being able to remove the bottom panel.

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@lyess do you have a model number for the Orion?



Hi oldturkey,

The model is VR0210. My friend has two, this model that eats tapes, and a VR0419 which the eject button doesn't work. I managed to buy a used one from a thrift store for ten bucks that is model VR0421 that works. I bought it in case I can't fix these other two, or for parts. Thanks for your time, it's appreciated.


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I watched a utoob where a guy took apart a cousin model to these, an Emerson, as Orion had also made Emerson models. He took the front face of, and that is what I finally found to be the next stop to taking it apart. I was then able to remove the bottom panel which revealed the mainboard, and then remove the mechanical section from the mainboard. So I should have just been more patient and did more homework as I found the answer to my question.

I'm tackling the mode switch first, as this is one of the common causes of unit eating tapes due to corrosion on the switch. So, I bought a fiberglass brush and cleaned the switch and am now waiting on dielectric grease to reapply to this part. I took pictures so I can remember how to put it all back together, as I can easily get confused - easy to take apart, hard to put back together (grin)

Note, I managed to find a video on cleaning the mode switch, and to make sure to line up the small dimple on the switch housing with the hole on the white plastic gear; needs to line up. Thanks for your time, much appreciated!

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