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Die siebte Generation des iPad, veröffentlicht am 25. September 2019. Erhältlich mit 32 oder 128 GB Speicher. Modellnummer A2197.

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No Picture on 7th Gen Ipad A2197 (Backlight On)

Hello, I have a customers A2197 Ipad that came in for a charge port replacement.

The person broke off a charge tip in the charging port and tried a bunch to fish it out. Maybe he could have shorted something?

# - I replaced the charging port but now the LCD has Backlight and NO Picture.
# - The ipad boots up now and you you can hear music from apps running.
# - I orderred a new LCD and that doesn't show picture either. Just backlight
# - Ive inspected for missing components (Fail)
# - I used ZXW the check the readings on the LCD connector and they all seem ok except one reading that should be 1.69 is 2.78

Would appreciate any help...

Block Image


I knocked off a filter when i was removing the antenna wire.

But as you can see... it is somewhat of a design flaw.

They put the antenna clip very close to the image filter.
They glued the antenna clip in place so it cant knock off a filter on its own.
Getting the antenna off with the glue makes it easy to knock off a filter

Perhaps i would use some rubbing alcohol and some heat next time i try to remove this antenna

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

These two videos helped me find the problem:
iPad Air 2 repair - Backlight is on but No image on the screen

Fixing an iPad 6 sent by a repair shop for "no image"
***STS Telecom***

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@willie604 post some pictures of your board and where those filters are located. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


@oldturkey03 Hello, Thanks for the advice, i've added the answer to my question, I will follow up when i get the parts


great catch! because of this I inspected the area again and found two diodes namely C4144 and C4143 missing. Thank You!


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You might have luck looking for “data chokes” or “image chokes” but those are nearly always the same on other Apple devices. Even on iPhones. I can see how you might miss it, because those lines should have shown as OL anyways in Diode mode.

If you have another Apple device laying around, you can likely harvest them. I think even all the way back to the iPad mini 2, those are the same around the display connector.

But if not. I haven’t found any that are identical from vendors online. There’s actually a listing here at iFixit, but it’s out of stock. I usually just snag them from another board when I need them. But the schematic calls for a 4 pin choke in an 0605 package. The specs are 3.25-OHM-0.1A-2.4GHZ

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Thank you for the reference. I will add pictures to my original post tomorrow.

The only thing i could find today were some filters on aliexpress, so i orderred them.

They are for a different unit. But when i was watching STS Telecom and Northridgefix, they didnt seem too fussy about which filters they were grabbing, so i went ahead and orderred.

Anyone want to chime in if these will work? Or should i keep looking

"10pcs/lot for ipad mini LCD image LCD Data Filter Square Cap"



@willie604 Those aren’t *quite* the same. They look closer to ones that would be used for camera data lines on later devices. But they may be similar enough.


@flannelist Hello , Ive added some pictures to my original Post.

If you can confirm that the part you recommended is correct, i can add it to my original post

""the schematic calls for a 4 pin choke in an 0605 package. The specs are 3.25-OHM-0.1A-2.4GH""

How did you get these details for the part? Does ZXW show it somewhere? Microfish doesnt have the ipad...


@willie604 I have schematics for the iPad 7 in my stash. I have no clue where I got them. As is the way of these things.

iPad data can be harder to come by. I like ZXW better for interface, but I tend to use XinZhiZhou for a lot anymore because they have BVs and schematics that ZXW doesn’t. Like this.

I’ll have a look at the pics and make sure this is the right one when I get home.


Ive complete the repair with the Ipad 4 mini filter caps. Thanks everyone for your help!!


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