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A sporty, speedy sibling of the roller skate, also known as roller blades.

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Lost an axle bushing on K2 Velocity

I lost one of the bushings on the frame of my K2 Velocity. It is a hex-shaped piece that can be indexed to provide proper vertical alignment of the shaft of an individual wheel. I don't know the part number; can't find anything like it in any of the repair sites I have checked.

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Have you tried Amazon?


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@dennistayl68483 best place to contact would be Skatepro and see if they can help you. It might help if you post some pictures of what you are looking for. Those bushings should still be on the other wheels. Going by your description, I would assume it looks like something like this but I have never been good at pictionary :-)

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Add some images to your QUESTION so we can see what you are looking at.

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