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Modell von 2011, A1278 / 2,4 GHz i5 oder 2.8 GHz i7 Prozessor.

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Is it possible to swap SSD from bad laptop to good laptop?

My late 2011 MBP i7 will not boot up. I've tried every trick I could find to get it to boot and nothing. I bought an early 2011 MBP i5 on auction thinking I could simply swap the 1TB SSD over and everything would work hunky dory. I get the blinking folder after a few minutes on the working laptop. I put the original HDD in and it's fine. Is there something I can do to get this to work? I have years of data on the SSD I'd love to be able to access again...preferably on the working laptop. I could put the SSD into an external case, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

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So you’re playing the shell game here!

The problem you are facing is your new systems logic board is expecting its drive. So you need to tell it to use your other drive.

But before you can do they we have a fly in the ointment! Which we need to deal with first.

You need to figure out what is the version of macOS this system has and hopefully you know what your original system was running.

Basically, if the system is running anything older than yours you need to first upgrade the OS. Once done you can then swap over the drive then restart the system pressing the Option key to select your drive.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

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Both are High Sierra. Which exact version in on the SSD is currently unknown, but the HDD has 10.13.2. Not sure that is the latest version for this old of a computer or not. I'm pretty sure my non-working one was at the latest that was available for the Late 2011 version


@slenser - So did the Option key function work in selecting the new drive? If it did then to make it permanent go into the startup disk control panel to select it there.


@danj Unfortunately, no. It only will allow me to boot via network. Once in the utilities that provides; I can see the SSD, but can't do anything with it other than basically erase it.


@slenser - Did you not get a boot drive window listing the drives? Then using the arrow keys to navigate between the drives.

If you don’t see the drives then your system can’t access the drive. Your drive cable maybe bad or not up to spec. Give this a read Your Hard Drive Cable Is A Ticking Time Bomb when ever I upgrade the drive to a SSD I always replace the SATA cable and apply a strip of electrical tape to prevent the chafing.


@danj Correct...I do not get a boot drive window listing the drives. Not sure if the cable is bad since I can still put the HDD and it boots like nothing is wrong. I'll order a new one if you think this still might be problem. I have been trying to get my old MBP to power on with various tricks I'm finding online, but nothing works. I have an SSD enclosure coming tomorrow and will try to see if I can access it via USB. Here's to hoping I can at least do that much.

I really appreciate your help in this, Dan


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I have been trying to get the OS to install on my SSD and it simply will not recognize the drive. Says it isn't the correct format, but it was running my macbook just fine until it died. If installed in an external case then it is recognized just fine, but still cannot install or boot from it. At this point I'm thinking there's something wrong with the SSD

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@slenser - There is nothing wrong with the physical aspects of the SSD. Yes, this is complex issue as the format of the SSD is not what your replacement logic board understands as it’s firmware is expecting HFS+ while your SSD is running APFS.

I think you need to find someone local with deeper Mac skills to help you. If I had access to the system I would have this working in about an hour.


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