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Das 2020 Mainstream-Smartphone von Apple kam am 23. Oktober heraus und verfügt über ein 6,1" OLED Display und ein 12 MP Zwei-Kamera-System und ist in fünf verschiedenen Farben erhältlich. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone 11.

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iPhone 11 12 13 Spot Welding Battery = 0 Volts

I just got in a spot welder to replace a battery on my first Iphone 11 this week.

After spot welding the output voltage was 0.


Now I have 2 broken Iphone 12's

Same issue happened, I went to spot weld the Flex onto battery and then 0 Volts on the output...


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there is a solder out now that you can use for soldering the bms, maybe you should try that to see if you have better results


@tech_ni Thanks, with a quick search i dont see bms solder. I do have Kester solder though which is premium solder.

Perhaps its just not making a connection. I guess i should try to sand or scuff the surface before attaching. I notice the tabs are laminated and can prevent conductivity..



@4min. 0 volts is normal... i will have to test this.



@willie604 looks like the battery just needs activated


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I found the answer here...

After he solders the bms at 4min, the battery voltage reads 0V. He says this is normal.
You need to plug the phone it for it to come to life.

It was fine all along....


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Me personally iv never done the whole spotwelding battery’s thing so apologies if this isn’t any help

What I do is solder onto the terminals as I would imagine it isn’t as aggressive to the BMS or the battery

Not much solder is needed just enough to make it strong but still low profile

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I found something interesting in this video. He shows 0v is normal after attaching a bms

Also i didnt realize that the tab on the bms can be unsoldered




That’s interesting

Those tabs can be unsoldered if you use high temps :400-450 deg c


@hellomacos Everythin was fine. The battery just needed to get plugged in and activated!!


@willie604 That’s great to hear!


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