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This CD Player FM AM Radio system is now in its fourth generation of production. Originally introduced in 1984 (Radio only model, Acoustic Wave Music System). A model with a CD player was added in 1992. Earlier model depicted in photo.

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No power after circuit board replacement

We recently replaced the circuit board on our Bose AWRCC1 because the CD was skipping and freezing. When we connected everything again, it does not power on. Is there something that we need to "reset" in order for the unit to turn back on? Thanks for any help.

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@schnauzermom you should not have to any reset to have it powered up. Check your work to make sure that everything is properly connected. I would try the old board and see if this is caused by the replacement. If it comes on with the old one,but not the new one, you know that it is the board that is faulty. Let us know whcih board you had and which one your repalced it with. Post images of both so we can see if there are obvious things wrong. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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