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The VLT 1000 desktop fan has four blades with a diameter of 30 cm. It is made of stainless steel and has 3 speed settings.

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Fan not rotating without help

Blades of my desk fan are not rotating when it is switched on

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It's not rotating when on and need help to start


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How old is this fan? Is it very dirty? Often spinning blade fans collect LOTS of dust, and when that dust gets inside the motor housing it can gum up the works and cause problems like you describe (though there are other causes too).

First recommendation would be to disconnect from power, remove all the housing screws to take off the housing and carefully clean and inspect the motor and other internal components. There's a chance a good cleaning will get it working again, or at least reveal something like a blown capacitor or other failed component that could be replaced to get it working again.

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I already cleaned it with contact spray. I wonder if there was any sort of lubricant for the moving parts. I’m afraid that the contact might have removed the old lubricant


@samirkardahji That is a possibility, I was not aware that you had already worked on this before the problem occured. What kind of contact spray did you use? Are you sure it is safe for all of the materials and the motors? Could it have caused corrosion or a short?


It’s a quick drying cleaning solvent for electronics which removes dirt and oil. I’m not sure what kind of lubricant required for a fan, if any.


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Fan does not rotate

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First unscrew the fan blade cover , take out the fan blade , clean all the dust , then add some lubricant in bush, if the shaft is not free by hand make it free then check in power. If it isn't working yet change the capacitor of same value, fix the parts and check again.


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