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Launched in October 2014, identified by model number CHDHA-301.

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Cracked screen can anyone fix it?

My front screen is crack on my two gopros wondering if anyone can fox it or help fix them myself if possible?

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@garyjames63449 when you are saying "front screen" are you referring to the front of the camera case?


@oldturkey03 i think he means the lens


@tech_ni that makes sense. Darn never realized those things are a pain to work on. The newer the model the more complicated they got. How you been friend?


@oldturkey03 not to bad, just working on an ipad air 2 that was sent in for an lcd connector yet its got liquid damage and through the charge cable seems to be bootlooping, i think the pmic has failed so need to order 1


@tech_ni darn I am definitely to old to do that kind of board level repair. Eyes are failing and hands are shaking :-) I am glad you can do that type of work.

Gow is your weather over there. We are melting over here. It's been relentless in the 40's for about 2 weeks. No relief in sight. :-)


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For GoPros, your best bet is a parts camera. GoPro does not sell parts, and does not offer "repair" in the sense you get your old camera back; they exchange it and repair or scrap your old one. Find one with a completely different issue with a good lens cover and you have everything you'll need. You may even need to replace the entire case on some of them.

What model is this?

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