Nokia 6 doesn t turn on after an error

Hello! I decided to turn on my old phone (Nokia 6) which I haven't opened for about a year, but a problem occurred, it was charged, it opened, but with an error saying that the system was corrupted and then closed definitively. I mean, it doesn't open at all, it doesn't even show me if it's charging, absolutely nothing. And I had absolutely no problem with the battery before, nor with the diaplay itself.
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Hello and same problem here with exactly the same context. My phone has been asleep for about a year and a half. Before that it worked fine without any customization.

By holding the power and "-" buttons at startup, the phone displays "Download mode" at the bottom, I'm not sure what to do with this but it's the only interaction I can get.

Maybe the battery is flat or something... I'm trying to charge the phone, but I can't see the charging screen either.

Any help is very welcome


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