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The Samsung RF28HDEDT is a 36-inch French door refrigerator with a 27.8 cu. ft. total capacity, featuring a twin cooling system, LED lighting, external digital display and control, and a filtered ice maker. Its design includes a stainless steel finish, recessed handles, and hidden hinges.

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Flashing Refrigator error code

what does failure code 8 E mean

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8E: Ice Maker (Freezer) Sensor Error. Try Samsung's site; https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troub...


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The 8E error code on a Samsung refrigerator means that the ice maker sensor has likely failed. This error code indicates an issue with the defrost sensor, ice maker, ice pipe heater, ice fan, or compressor lock.

If you replaced the icemaker with the sensor, you can reset the error. To clear the error code, you can press and hold the upper left and middle left buttons for about 8 seconds.

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