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The Samsung RF23J9011 is a 21.8 cu. ft. capacity 4-door French door refrigerator featuring a counter-depth design, fingerprint resistant finish, FlexZoneTM drawer with four temperature settings, and an external water dispenser with an in-door ice maker.

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My freezer does not defrost

My refrigerator does not defrost so ice maker freezes up. Remedy?

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Some Samsung refrigerators have a known defect where the seal from the manufacturer around the ice room is leaky which may result in air getting into the area around the ice maker. As the refrigerator cools, that air turns to frost and can jam up the functions of your ice maker and the "auger" which is the piece that actually turns to dispense the ice when you push the ice button.

In most cases, I've found that these situations are remedied with a new ice maker and a re-seal of the ice room.

Samsung Refrigerator Icemaker Assembly Replacement

Your serial number's 8th and 9th digit will confirm what parts will be needed based on the manufacturing date. Some will require just the ice maker itself and others will need the ice maker, drain tube, y-clip kit, and main control board.

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Hi @chuck1521

If the freezer is not defrosting it could be either a defrost heater problem, a defrost sensor problem, a control board issue or even a blocked drain tube leading from under the evaporator unit to the evaporator pan beneath the compartments.

Here's the service manual for the model.

Go to p.54 Troubleshooting > Self-diagnostic function during normal operation and check what error codes (if any) are being shown.
If there are any go to p.55-p.58 to view the meaning of the codes and what to check.

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