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13" Aluminium Unibody, 2,0 oder 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor.

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Why does it show me the Prohibitory Sign when I try to boot from HDD?

My MacBook does NOT want to boot up when I try to boot it up from my HDD. It just shows me a circle with a slash inside it. Why is this happening?

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It sounds like the drives OS files are missing or damaged. Are you able to boot up using an external drive?

It’s also possible the HD SATA cable has failed which often happens.

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I copied the OS from a 2011 iMac. What I'm trying to fix is a non-bootable empty hard drive on the MacBook.


@ved58123 - Sorry, you fell into the trap many do 😣

You can’t copy the files over as that doesn’t prep the drive (often called Blessed). You need to use the OS installer from a bootable drive or if the system had installed an newer version which updated the firmware to offer Internet OS recovery one can just boot up under it.

Here’s where you can download the OS installers How to download and install macOS as well as how to launch internet Recovery. I prefer setting up a bootable OS installer USB thumb drive as it always handy! Here’s how to create it Create a bootable installer for macOS also keep in mind the highest supported OS for this series is Sierra.


Sadly, I don't have the firmware for Internet Recovery. :(


@ved58123 - Sorry😢, Time to find another Mac system to create a bootable OS installer then.


Forgot to tell you, I have 2 Macs.


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