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The Leica Z2X is a film camera with a 2x Optical Zoom and a Mid-roll Rewind function and f/4.0-7.6. The item was produced from 1997 to 2002.

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How can I get a new LCD for the replacement?

How can I replace LCD? and where can I can a LCD?

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I assume you're talking about the counter screen, correct? If you are, the issue with a lot of film cameras is it is nearly impossible to find them unless you buy a donor camera (and it's usually cheaper to replace the camera; though I did swap a Maxxum 7000 screen out because it was so degraded it was useless so it CAN BE done if you can get the part but I had a better one from a fried 7000).

For a Leica... OOF. Unless you get extremely lucky, even a donor camera will be expensive because of them being a status symbol you have more money than brains for most people. See if you can find a unit with a broken lens or if you get extremely lucky. Honestly, I suspect the Z2X is a rebadged camera from the 90s because Leica usually has swappable lenses on most of their actually made by Leica cameras. It looks like it may be a rebranded KANSAI, so start there.

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