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The Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer by Conair was released in 2013 as a salon performance AC styling tool. Infinity Pro is equipped with a light and powerful AC motor. Other features of the Infinity Pro are its true cold shot button, its concentrator and diffuser attachments, and its 3 heat and 2 speed rocket switches. The hair dryer comes in the colors orange or violet.

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Coil is heating. Overheat

My hair dryer coil is heating into red colour. Nd no air come outside

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@tusharbhamare if no air is coming out you want to A. make sure that the fan is working and B. that the air intake is not obstructed. Do not run this hair dryer for to long since the heating coil will burn out on you.

Conair Infiniti Pro Model 259NP Troubleshooting

Conair Infiniti Pro Model 259NP Fan Motor Assembly Replacement

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