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My phone powers off at high volume

Recently i'm having this issue where my phone randomly powers off when i play videos or use camera.

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Hi @ezax14685,

Does it also do this if the charger is connected to the phone?


Hi jayeff,

I haven't tried that with my charger connected to my phone, Let me try and reply. (sorry for bad english)


@jayeff It doesn't power offs when charger is connected to it.



Also try using the phone in safe mode and check if it works OK.



It is also turning off even in safe mode when i play videos.


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Hi @ezax14685

If it doesn't power off when the charger is connected it may be that the battery is beginning to fail in that it can't supply the increased power required when you want high volume.

Here's the ifixit Moto G6 Plus Akku tauschen guide if you decide to replace the battery.

Search online for JT40 battery to find battery suppliers that suit you best.

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App is not the issue because i reset my phone yesterday due to this issue so it may be a battery issue since recently my phone sometimes charges really slow or drains fast. All these things are happening randomly.



Replacing the battery would be the first thing to try.

Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.


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