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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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fuse blows after closing door

GE PVM9005SJ3SS fuse blows after plugging in. So, I left the door open before replacing the fuse, and then plug in and then would turn on asking to set clock, and the fuse blow after closing the door.

I checked the three door switches with a multimeter while on and off the latch board and they appear ok. I've inspected the latch board and it appears ok.

I've also multimeter checked the transformer, capacitor, capacitor diode and magnetron and all appear ok. I've also disconnected one of transformer terminal and getting the same result so I'm thinking this is not caused by the HV circuit.

Appreciate your help on my 4-year old microwave.

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Hi @rob1630

If the oven is back together so to speak i.e. fuse replaced, disconnect the oven's power cord from the wall outlet and with the oven door open, place an Ohmmeter across the power cord plug's active and neutral pins and measure the resistance and then close the door and measure it again. If the meter shows a lower resistance reading with the door closed, most likely it is measuring the HV transformer primary winding in parallel with the LV transformer, so it could be a sticking power relay (RY2?) contact on the control board that is causing the fuse to blow.

This relay should only be operated to connect power to the HV transformer once the Start button has been pressed.

If it is the relay contacts that are the problem, you may be able to order a replacement relay, instead of the entire pcb, by checking for the relay model code which is usually printed on the relay case and then using that information to try and find a replacement. You will need to unsolder it from the board to do the repair.

Here's the mini manual for the oven

It has the wiring diagram and also a troubleshooting flowchart that may help.

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