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Why my PC shut it self down when it get hot

When I on my laptop after some minutes it will shut it self down and if I on it again it will go off again when the booting processing is going on

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Hi @ogbest

The laptop is shutting down to protect the CPU from being damaged by the heat.

Can you hear if the fan is operating or feel the hot air coming out of the laptop's exhaust vent?

If not it may be faulty.

If it is operating, perhaps it needs cleaning and also the thermal paste on the CPU (and GPU if applicable) may need refreshing so as to aid in the removal of the heat from the CPU (and GPU if applicable).

Here's the maintenance and service guide for the laptop.

Go to p.79 to view the procedure to remove the fan and heat sink assembly.

This will allow you to replace the fan if it is faulty or to clean it if it is dusty etc.

Also once the heat sink is removed, the thermal paste on the CPU can be replaced with new thermal paste.

If the fan is faulty search online for 738685-001 to find fan suppliers that suit you best.

Here's the ifixit Wie trage ich Wärmeleitpaste am besten auf guide that may also help.

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