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Guides for popcorn machine and popcorn popper repair.

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Our machine has rusted on the inside. How do we fix this?

When opening our popcorn machine we found rust all around the tray with the motor attached. We scrubbed all the rust off but now how do we refinish it? Can we still use it? Can we buy a replacement part?

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@oldturkey03 Thank you so much for your insite. My husband had already cleaned it when I posted the question. He was able to get the motor off and we have ordered a new tray.

This is the one at the top of the inside of the machine. You mentioned piling it. Should we do that as a preventative on the new one?


@sherryolford depending on the metal that it is made out I would consider it.


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@sherryolford it would be great if we could see the area where the rust sat etc. In general yes you can still use it. You just have to make sure that you keep that area lubricated with something like a good vegetable oil etc. which you do have to reapply after each use. Rust is not unhygienic nor is it poison etc. if that is what you are worried about. If you know anybody that works anywhere that does electroplating, maybe a new layer of nickel etc. could resolve this for good. Let's see what you got going on there. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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