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Why the tv is not turning on

The television not switching on till last one day from the sudden switch off itself what may be the reason even the power and everything is ok with tv

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@sireeshadunna check your power outlet first. Make sure you have power going to the TV. Of course, you will need a multimeter to work on all of this.

Disconnect everything from your TV, disconnect the power cable. Now hold the power button down for something like 1 minuter. Replace the power cable and see if that changed anything.

If you have still have the same issues, it is time to remove the back cover. Take a close look at all of the boards. See if there are any components that might be burned etc. Post some good pictures of all of your boards with your question. That way we can see what you see. If you have power going to the TV I would focus on the power board first. Again, we need to see your boards to point out where and what to measure.

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How to check voltage at different points and tables


@nvk25146 we'll have to see what the boards look like. Just like I stated in my answer, it will all depend on the exact model as well as the boards that your TV has.


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