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How do I repair headphone jack on a cassette walkman?


I got an Aiwa HS-G35MKIV Walkman. Overall it is in a good condition but the headphone jack is bothering me. I have two problems and I try to explain it as good as I can.

First problem:

It is supposed to be stereo. When I plug it in (a little bit) sound comes out of the right headphone pad, when I plug it all the way in it comes out of the left headphone pad.

Second problem, and the one that bothers me the most: When I listen on my headphones there is a weird noisy sound. It comes out of the headphones and sounds like a mixture of hissing and high frequent tinitus (fieping / pipeing). When I turn up the volume to max it is unbearable. When I lower it I am getting used to it but still annoying me. When I turn down the 10kHz on the equalizer it also gets a little bit better. When I get the 3.5mm cable a little bit out of the headphone jack and but a certain kind of pressure on it the noise disappears. I believe that maybe the headphone jack is a little bit loose and I want to fix it. Hope someone is able to help me.

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The headphone connector has 3 connections. When inserted part way, the tip makes contact with the right channel. When fully inserted the tip makes contact with the left channel and the ring makes contact with the right channel.

It sounds like your left channel has a problem and it is NOT your connections. Pulling the plug out a little connect to the right channel, which is OK.

It could be a noisy component, like a transistor or resistor, or a bad driver IC.

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