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13" Aluminium Unibody, 2,0 oder 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor.

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A1278 caps lock key LED size and spec


Please can someone tell me the LED details under the Caps lock key on an A1278 Mac

I dont want to replace the entire keyboard


Update (10/30/23)



I would really appreciate it very much if anyone has this model and can post the details of the LED under the caps lock key


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Are you sure thats the problem? It's so rare (very)for this LED to fail. I would first look at the solder joints giving them a touch up as well as trace out the lines to the keyboard connector and then onwards to the driver as more likely you have had a liquid spill either into the keyboard and/or the traces are rotted out so power is not getting to the LED. That is if you are sure the cap Lock function is working correctly using the Keyboard Viewer comparing the disabled and enable condition.

While my screen capture won't let me capture the UPPER case letters here we can see the key when hit turns grey and stays grey.

Block Image

Block Image

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The caps lock key is working fine as well as the other keys

I can see this from the on-screen keyboard as well

I have tested the LED in diode mode with my multimeter and i get no reading even when swapping the leads on my multimeter


@mrfz - Did you disconnect the keyboard when you did the diode test?

I would do a continuity check of both traces to be sure.


I tried both but to do a continuity check for the positive trace I would need to take out lots of keys


@mrfz - All you need is to get to the keyboard connector as that’s the end point. Do you have the schematics and board view drawings?


Yes, I do

I did check this and everything is working

The key is working just not the LED

I could not see what controls the LED from the schematic but on the schematic, it shows

WS_KBD15_CAP This goes to R5714 and becomes WS_KBD15_C


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