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Das Apple iPhone SE der 3. Generation ist mit einem A15-Prozessor und einem 4,7 Zoll-LCD-Display ausgestattet.

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Texts are going through as emails

My text messages keep go through as emails. When I go to settings, messages, iMessage. I can’t choose the phone number option. It doesn’t save it and goes back to the email. Does anyone have any suggestions? The calendar is set to automatically update as well

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@johnmac22911, Not sure if you turn your phone off after updates or even every few weeks to let it reset. But, it's a good practice to do so.

The first thing I recommend doing is shutting off your phone for 5 minutes. Then turn it back on and try and send a text message. See if it sends it from your phone number. Sometimes doing this simple reset can fix the issue.

This next thing might seem obvious, but I have to ask. Is your phone using a cellular network? (Sometimes folks use their phone on WiFi only). If it's on a cellular network, then I would go back into the Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Click on the Addresses and double check that the, Start New Conversation From box with your phone number is the one that is checked.

If there is a check mark next to your email, then uncheck it. Then click out of messages to go back to settings. Then try sending a text message to test if the settings work.

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Thank you for your reply. I tried everything mentioned. The issue seems to be when I uncheck my email under the messages portion of settings.

My phone number shows, however, I’m unable to select it. The wheel simply spins next to my phone number then stops. A check mark doesn’t appear.


@johnmac22911, you're welcome. I'm sorry this didn't work. Have you tried turning Messages off and then back on again?

Go to Settings > iMessage > Toggle Green Switch off.

In my experience it's better to turn iMessage off and then press the back button to go back to the main settings menu. Then wait about a minute and then return back to the iMessage settings to toggle the switch back on.


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