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How do I rejoin a stainless knife

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I have a set of stainless cutlery and the knives are two parts (the blade and a handle). Several of the knives have come apart. I have tried several different glues but none seem to work. The finished product must be able to withstand washing (hopefully in a dishwasher). Any suggestions?

Update (11/05/23)

I tried this but because the area where the glue goes is not exposed to air, the glue didn't seem to 'set'.

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@susankriger post some picture of what your original handles look like. There might be a few ways of fixing those Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


@oldturkey03 Nice find, I had no idea there was a product that specialized.

@susankriger that's absolutely the best thing you can probably get to fix your cutlery.


@dadibrokeit only knew it because I was told by my wife to fix our knife handles a couple of years ago. I remember that I used a 3M epoxy product because I felt this particular one was a bit high priced for the few knives we had. As you already figured out, I am frugal (cheap) ;-)


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Hi Susan,

I take it the knives were originally held together with glue rather than a mechanical bond like rivets, right?

Given that assumption, you're looking for a glue that will hold up to heat and water. I'd say you probably want a two part epoxy for that job; as far as I know that's the best glue you can get for your particular application. That's the kind where you have to mix together two different liquids that make up the glue.

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After your Nov 5 2023 update Jerry's answer is still good. 2 part epoxy does not need air to dry to be a good glue. The 2 parts react chemically to form a strong glue. No air is needed.

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