How do I repair the board is fried

How do I repair the board it fried

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Kevin, telling us the board is fried isn't going to get you any help. What happened to it? How do you know it's "fried"? What have you done so far to diagnose and/or fix it? If there's obvious damage to the circuit board, post a picture of it so we can see what you see.

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i have a similar issue, and have opened up the product to attempt a diagnosis. ours had a problem after accidentally plugging in a wrong adaptor that fit, though had different voltage regulations, and afterward saw the unit powered on and off instantly, with a smell of burning plastic afterwards. upon opening and using a multimeter to look for current while having the unit powered by batteries, it looks like a micro square resistor was being burned after probing the regulator chip, so it seems to be unregulated powered from resistor damage, at least, to the best of my knowledge


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