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Die zweite Generation des 11 Zoll iPad Pro erschien im März 2020 mit den Modellnummern A2228, A2068, A2230, and A2231.

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iPad won’t charge after screen replacement

I changed the screen on my iPad Pro 11” 2020 model and now it won’t charge. It bleeps when you put the cable in but doesn’t show charging. It was fine before screen change. Any ideas?


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When you replaced the display assembly did you turn the ipad off and did you make sure to disconnect the battery before unplugging the ribbon cables that attach the LCD.

As a repair tech the steps we would take to diagnosing this would be as follows.

We know the ipad is powering on (Charging sound/bleep you describe) so we can almost certainly rule out a power on issue.

Try doing a hard reboot/hardware reset (Click Vol up, Click Vol down, Press and hold power button for around 10-15 seconds) best case senario the device will display apple logo and boot up.

if still no display try putting charger back in to confirm device is powered on (shoud hear the charging chime)

if device makes the sound but still does not display then unforyunately you either have a faulty LCD or the ribbon cable/FPC connectors on the board have been damaged. To confirm this you would need to disassemble the device again and visually inspect the cables and the connectors on the board. You are specifically looking for any missing pins in the socket or any melted/burnt plastic may indicate the display shorted while fitting (Common if battery is still attached when changing display) if the sockets are indeed damaged, you will need someone like myself to replace the FPC connectors using a hot air solder station.

- Dan

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