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Reparaturanleitungen für den Kyocera Drucker FS-1010

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How can we connect this printer to other computer remotely

I am getting unable to connect to remote networks

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Given the age of the Kyocera Mitas, parts are probably NLA, at least new; you run into this problem with the LJ 4/5 and 4000 series printers, which you could put on a battlefield and bring back working; even the P4015 is as bulletproof as the 4000/4050/4100/4150/4200/4250. The solution is to have one in the printer and keep spare EIO cards (sometimes 3 or more) on hand, given HP no longer makes it, but there are also many more HP cards, so it’s more viable than it may be for you. These 4000 series lasers just run along on 3rd party toner and override out set to continue most of the time. HP has also failed to get these out of service(1). The new units are a DRM ridden mess.

As @jayeff pointed out, the OEM P/N for the Ethernet card is FS-21E. I looked on eBay since that’s the key place we get the HP EIO cards, and I didn’t find any, but your best bet is to keep looking and buy one as soon as it comes up.

You're more likely to have better luck making a "print server" out of an old Windows or Mac PC, like a surplus USFF PC with an 8th/9th gen Intel process or similar Ryzen 5, or seeing if you can find a USB print server that gives the printer an IP address. The catch with the third-party server is that most of them do not detect the printer model (whereas I can get an HP one used or NOS, use a USB cable and have the server detect I put a 4250 on it), so you'll need to know the IP address for the FS-1010 and manually configure it based on TCP/IP.

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Hi @getanehabinie

Has the printer got a network interface card installed?

If not then search for Kyocera FS-21E (supplier example only), to find suppliers that suit you best. They're not cheap

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