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The 2008-2012 Ford Escape features a revised front and rear fascia and restyled LED tail lamps.

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2008 ford Escape will not start sometimes

I took my 2008 ford escape to he dealer cause the shifter was not going into gear. It took them a week to get to my car and they replaced the shifter cable bushing. When I picked up the car it started ok. When I got home and started the car it did nothing. I noticed on the web that it could be the starter module. To test they mentioned to push in the key when starting the engine. I replaced the starter module with a OEM part and still the same problem. If I push in the key when starting it will most of the time start. This all started after getting the shifter cable bushing replaced. What would have that replaced caused this starter problem?

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Hi @davidmurman

Does it start OK every time, if you try to start the car in Neutral and not Park or also not when in Neutral?

It could be a problem with the transmission range sensor switch operation. Here's a video that shows where it is located that may help

The switch needs to be in either the Park position or the Neutral position for the starter relay (relay pos. #30B engine bay fuse block) operate circuit from the powertrain control module (PCM) to be completed. Once the relay operates so will the starter motor.

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